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Beautiful and Smart.

 We believe stories that are beautifully crafted is the only way to cut through the clutter and noise of our world today.

We are master storytellers who have produced stories that move people to move. Our goal is transformation, not entertainment.

We focus on producing stories that are simple, authentic and personal.

 We believe that we must be smart. The deep understanding of current platforms and distribution channels enable the effective distribution of your story.

We know that context is just as important as content. Strategic Design and analytics are an essential component to your story.

Discover, Articulate & Express

Story Curation Process



Qualitative Research process to discover the raw collection of stories. Through the craft of asking the great questions and thoughtful listening/observation, we uncover the beauty of the story. We discover the soul story.



We organize and articulate the "true narrative" that is uncovered in the discover phase. We present our findings and work with you to craft the expression of those stories.



We produce the stories that are designed to move people to move. Our goal is to produce stories that lead the viewers to a deeper engagement with the person, organization and brand.

The Team

Collective of Artists

We are a collective of artists cultivating the craft of storytelling to

deepen the engagement of people to brands, movements, and organizations.



Executive Producer

Sam is the designer & developer of the Story Curation framework. It was created to help a non-profit organization to deepen the engagement of people to its movement through the medium of personal and authentic stories.

He has also worked as a story consultant for non-profits organizations, automotive industry, and personal brands. He is the Founder & Director of Yellow Ventures.




Patrick Shen is an award-winning filmmaker. His work has screened at over 120 film festivals across the globe, broadcast in over 25 territories, received 20 awards and 10 nominations.

His latest film In Pursuit of Silence, a meditative exploration of our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives, premiered to sold-out audiences in November 2015 at CPH:DOX, premiered in North America at SXSW in 2016, and hits U.S. theaters this Fall.



Photographer | Art Director

Francisco is a photographer and artist. His works include creative work with CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Priceline, Creative Recreation Footwear, Olivia Wilde, Akon, No Doubt, Usher, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Bad Suns, WarnerBrosMusic, Proof Eyewear, Wolf & Man Menswear, Unum Sunglasses, Munguia Shoes, Upper Metal Class.



Writer | Curator

Cassidy is the creator of 17spaces.org. The website is a culmination of interviews and photography after a 6-month tour throughout the U.S. in which she visited all 17 Trappist monasteries.

In addition to her writing and photography, Cassidy has worked as a tour manager, co-writer, and background vocalist for her musician sister Leslie Hall.

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